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Cowhage is a bean-like plant that’s native to southern China and eastern India. It grows abundantly in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is commonly referred to as "velvet bean." It’s also called “cowitch,"  or "kapikachu."

Cowhage has neuroprotective effects and antioxidant properties. This may be why it’s been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for a long time. Ayurvedic medicine involves a holistic approach to illness. It places a lot of importance on achieving a proper balance between your mind and body and the outside world.

Cowhage contains the compound levodopa. Levodopa is used to treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Cowhage has other uses beyond the treatment of Parkinson's disease. For example, it’s been used as a traditional remedy for: Nervous system disorders, Male infertility, Low sex drive, Snakebites, Skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis



Ginger helps to stimulate digestive enzymes and increases the production and secretion of bile from the liver and gall bladder.

Ginger supports the cardiovascular system by maintaining healthy leukotriene and thromboxane production, supporting healthy platelet function.

This standardized extract provides nutritional support for the digestive and circulatory systems.



Coffee has been used in health for centuries due to its stimulating properties but recent research on the Green coffee bean and its chlorogenic acids has resulted in this ingredient being used in dietary supplements as part of weight management regimes.
Chlorogenic acid plays a role in inflammation management. its high antioxidant properties help to support free radical management.

Chlorogenic acid has been known to help with weight management due to its ability to help regulate the levels of glucose and LDL in the body.
It has also been shown to support the liver with processing fatty acids.



Gymnema is a genus of flowering plants in the Apocynaceae family that contains about 120 species.
Gymnema sylvestre is one of the most well-known species in this genus and is typically known by just the genus name “gymnema.” Common names for Gymnema include cowplant, gurmari, gurmarbooti and meshasringa.
Gymnemic acids are the most biologically active components in Gymnema leaves. Chewing the leaves of G. sylvestre can suppress the taste of sugar for up to two hours.
This effect is caused by the gymnemic acids. Gymnema has been used in herbal medicine to help support the body’s natural ability to manage and regulate blood sugar levels for almost two thousand years.
Additional historical uses of Gymnema leaves include support for digestive health and liver function.



For thousands of years SHILAJEET has been used to  increase energy level. It is useful in memory, mood, enhance potency and effectiveness of other nutrients, balance blood sugar, efficient detoxification, optimal oxygenation and the body’s natural antioxidant response.
SHILAJEET having Fulvic acids, Humins, Humis acids, Trace minerals, vitamins A, B, C and P (citrines), phospholipids and poly (citrines), phospholipids and polyphenol complexes, tepenoids.
SHILAJEET supports deep rejuvenation, energy production and nutrients to the cell at Astonishing Levels.



The scientific name for Safed Musli is Chlorophytum Arundinaceum, a flowering plant originating in the tropical regions of Asia and Africa.
It has been used for years to boost energy levels. It is sweet to taste and well-known for amazing cooling property.
It’s a perfect composition of alkaloids, minerals, vitamins, proteins, steroids and polysaccharides.
This health giving tonic established fact as a sex vitalizer. Its Main chemical components are saponins and alkaloids.

Some key benefits

It contains spermatogenic properties and used for curing impotency.

It is used for premature ejaculation, impotence and low sperm count in men.

It provides with health-restorative and health-promotional benefits and control obesity.

It increases high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol levels and decreased plasma and hepatic lipid profiles.

It increases the activity of antioxidant enzymes and vitamin C.



Bitter melon extract also called Momordica charantia or Karela, comes from a fruit that is commonly used in homeopathic medicine to treat a wide range of illnesses.
It is often recommended by practitioners to regulate a person’s blood sugar levels and thereby prevent or treat diabetes.
In addition, recent studies have shown that bitter melon extract may fight the growth of breast cancer cells.
Other studies have shown that it may help people infected with the HIV virus as well.
Homeopathic medicine practitioners have recommended bitter melon extract to treat a variety of ailments for years.
It is often used as a digestive aid and may be useful to help a person suffering from constipation.
Some practitioners claim that it may also be used to treat malaria. Also used for maintaining body weight. It works as anti-obesity.



Neem, which belongs to the family Meliaceae has a botanical name Azadirachta Indica.
It grows in tropical and semi tropical regions and is widespread in Burma & India etc.
Neem is known for its immeasurable medicinal properties and is used as the main ingredient in many home remedies. Commending the medicinal properties of neem, numerous Sanskrit names have been invented by our acharyas ayurveda.
Neem have several properties which are antihelmenthic antifungal, antidiabetic, antibacterial, antiviral, contraceptive  and sedative.
It is also used for healthy hair. It improves liver function , detoxify the blood, and balance blood sugar levels.
It has also been used to treat skin diseases like eczema  psoriasis, etc.
Its extract is used for leprosy, eye disorder, bloody nose, intestinal worms,  stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, heart related diseases, Fever and  gum disease (gingivitis).



Guduchi Or Giloy has gained immense popularity in recent times, allegedly as an effective antidote for swine flu.
It is known by different names as An herbaceous vine, Giloy, Guduchi or ‘Amrita’ Offering immense medicinal and therapeutic benefits.
The herb ever since ancient times has occupied a very prominent place in the treatment of Ayurveda. It is extensively used in Ayurveda due to its potential in improving the immune system and the body resistance against infections.
Its extract having Antibiotics, Antimycotics, Immune- Suppressants, and anticancer compounds.
The herb extract accords longevity, enhances memory, improves health, and bestows youth, betters complexion, voice, energy and luster of the skin.
It is helpful in treating digestive ailments such as hyperacidity, colitis, worm infestations, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, excessive thirst, and vomiting and even liver disorders like hepatitis.
It helps in remedying ailments like rakta pitta, anemia, cardiac debility, diabetes & splenic disorders



Bacopa monniera also referred to as Bacopa monnieri, Herpestis monniera, water hyssop, and Brahmi.
It has been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for centuries. Traditionally, it has been used as a brain tonic to enhance memory development, learning and concentration, and to provide relief to patients with anxiety or epileptic disorders. The plant has also been used as a cardiac tonic, digestive aid and to improve respiratory function in cases of bronchoconstriction.
It also improves one's concentration and makes the brain sharp. This neurological effect of bacopa extract. Bacopa extract is rich in the saponins consists of one such, enhances the body's antioxidant defenses.



Cissus quadrangularis (HADJOD) is known for its ability to help broken bones heal faster.
Researchers believe that cissus quadrangularis helps increase the uptake of calcium. Calcium is one of the key nutrients that increases bone strength.
There has also been evidence to suggest that taking cissus quadrangularis everyday can reduce a person’s risk of fracturing a bone by up to 40 percent.
It is anthelmintic, digestive and analgesic.
It is useful in eye and ear diseases and in irregular menstruation.
It is useful in colic, leprosy, ulcers, tumours and skin diseases.
It is helpful in back and spine problems.



It is called “Indian ginseng”. It contains alkaloids, steroidal lactones, withanaloids and iron.
It has the function of anti allergy, anti histamine, anti bacteria, antipyretic and pain relieving.
Alkaloids could be used in sedative and pain relief, lowering blood pressure.
The function of anti-inflammation of withanolides can inhibit cancer cell growth, treat chronic inflammation, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, reduce vaginal discharge, improve sexual function & more.



Aloe Vera Extract is widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, health food production of natural raw material.
It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.
Also helpful in Eliminating waste materials from the body and promoting the blood circulation.



Spirulina is a blue-green micro-algae. This super food dates back over 3 billion years and is the most well known of these algaes.
Spirulina is over 60%-70% protein and is a complete protein, supplying all eight essential amino acids.
It is low in fat but does contain vital essential fatty acids, including very high amounts of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA is a hormone precursor and is found conducive to healthy heart functioning and circulation.
It also has anti-inflammatory properties and beneficial for skin and hair.
Most of the important vitamins we need are found in spirulina and these include the entire B-complex range, Vitamin E, and beta-carotene.
Spirulina in fact is particularly rich in vitamin B-12.
Spirulina is also rich in minerals, including iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus and trace minerals. The form of iron found in spirulina is readily assimilable.
It is also rich in enzymes, chlorophyll, DNA, RNA, sulfolipids and glycolipidsrning



Garcinia Cambogia is an exotic fruit available in Polynesia, India, and Southeast Asia.
The fruit has been eaten for centuries across cultures and is known for it’s appetite suppressant properties.
Garcinia Cambogia also has potent fat burning effects due to the Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) it contains which helps support a lean physique.
Hydroxycitric acid can decreasing the cholesterol and fatty acids Helping to control body weight.
It promotes glycogen synthesis and increase energy levels. It is used to regulating fat metabolism, inhibiting lipogenesis and promoting fat burning



Curcumin extract is one of the major antioxidant extract found in the spice turmeric. It Improves immunity, Helping to prevent dementia,  Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal, Preventing the body from the damages of free radicals, Preventing swelling of the joint and Arthritis.
Also helpful in cardiovascular health. Having Anticoagulant, Lipid-lowering, Anti-atherosclerotic, Anti-aging and Inhibiting growth of tumor.



Green tea extract has shown a number of beneficial effects. Modern research and scientific data demonstrates that the beneficial effects of green tea are largely due to its main Catechin, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).
It may be helpful in Anti-atherogenic, Lowering cholesterol & triglycerides, Enhancing metabolism, Fat oxidation, Reducing blood clotting and Enhancing immune function.



Moringa is commonly known as Moringa Oleifera and is known by so many names in different countries. The nature of this tree is so miraculous that it's also known as "miracle tree".
It's such a useful tree, and is found typically in subtropical climates of Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America.
Moringa has a history of being a medicinal food and cosmetic plant.
A steady diet of moringa can help fill the void in nutritional deficiencies and improve your overall health significantly.
It's been known to help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, those bad fats.
It helps sustain natural energy while controlling blood sugar, and normalizing sugar. The "miracle tree" is so rich in nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging compounds, and anticancer properties.



The most active ingredient is Boswellic acid. Boswellic extract contains derivatives of this acid like alpha and beta Boswellic acid, which plays key role in inhibiting production of inflammatory chemicals and leukotrienes in the body.
The effect of this herb is similar to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAIDS) used in treatment of arthritis. 
Boswellic acid enhances the blood-flow in the joint region by blocking white cell activity and inflammatory response. This anti-inflammatory effect, helps in getting rid of stiffness and lower back pain.




It is rich in silica. The Silica is a necessary mineral in the consolidation of bony fractures since it acts like catalyst in the fixation of calcium to the bone.
Therefore, it is advised to help in the alterations of the cartilage and other degradation, Also aid to slow down the process of aging of the conjunctive weave and the joints.
Silica is one of the most important components of the connective tissue: cartilage, tendons, and some elements of the arterial walls, skin, hair and nails.



Allicin, a chemical compound sourced from raw garlic, accounts for many of the herbs medicinal benefits.
It was discovered in 1944 by an Italian chemist named C.J. Cavallito who conducted studies on its effectiveness.
It is a  natural antibiotic, allicin stimulates the production of white blood cells, enabling the immune system to fend off harmful bacteria and other forms of pathogens. With a faster anti-inflammatory response, infection is stopped in its tracks.



Grape Seed Extract is full of the health promoting benefits of its key compounds Proanthocyanidins. Grape Seed extract offers potent antioxidant protection against damaging free radicals. Free radicals attack the body's cells and inhibit their healthy development and reproduction.
Grape Seed contains flavonoids which help to strengthen blood vessels, increasing the tone and elasticity of capillary walls, enhance the effect of vitamin C, and help to quench free radicals.



Noni is the fruit of the Morinda Citrifolia plant. It is a small evergreen tree in the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, Australia, and India.
Noni fruit offers a number of important health benefits. Noni fruit grows in the tropics and rich in vitamins‚ minerals‚ and antioxidants.
This fruit has anti-bacterial properties which may help your body fight infections.
In addition‚ the noni may also have anti-inflammatory properties that may work to relieve joint pain.
It can support cardiovascular health and detoxification‚ strengthen your immune system‚ regulate your bowel movements and improve digestion.

Note:-These information are based on traditional usage of the herbs. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not meant to diagnose‚ treat or cure any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.